It’s Winter Time in Florida! Should I Open My Windows?

Should I Open My Windows?

Winter in Florida is an interesting time. For a brief few months, the temperature drops a considerable degree from the characteristic hot weather for which Florida is known.

But even during these cold days and evenings, the air remains humid, making mold formation a concern all year long. Therefore, it’s inadvisable to open windows during the winter in Florida.

Beyond just keeping your windows closed, there are other considerations you’ll want to make in order to keep your home mold free during the winter months in Florida. In this article, we will outline the best practices for achieving this goal.


Winter Mold Prevention in Florida

The following 3 steps should be taken by every Floridian during the cooler months so that mold spores don’t take up residence in the home.

Use Fans

Ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and other types of fans should be running frequently throughout the winter months in Florida. When water and moisture accumulate in an area, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold.

By drying water that has accumulated on the ground quickly with a towel, you can help to stave off mold growth. However, moist air is hard to address on your own. Therefore, utilizing fans to keep air moving and discouraging mold growth is one of the best ways to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while also preventing mold from growing.

Clean Your Air Conditioners

When air conditioners aren’t running, they provide an excellent opportunity for mold growth. The water that condenses in or near an air conditioner, combined with dirt and dust, allows mold access to two of its favorite things: nutrients and water.

Then, when you turn on your air conditioner after it’s been off for a long period of time, it blows these mold spores throughout your home. By regularly cleaning your air conditioner and running it on the “fan” setting, you’ll be able to better manage this mold formation and keep your home mold-free throughout the winter.

Trust Your Senses

If you think you smell or see mold, you are more than likely correct. Even if you just smell a vague scent that seems like it might be mold, it’s worth investigating your home thoroughly. Mold can pretty much grow anywhere, so make sure you check all of the hard-to-reach locations and anywhere that might provide a good opportunity for mold to proliferate.

If you need confirmation, you can invest in mold test kits that can detect the presence of this harmful substance in your home. These kits are relatively inexpensive and are a good thing to have around for routine mold testing.



While most northerners laugh at the description of a “cold winter” in Florida, the colder months in this state do cause significant problems for homeowners. Mold can ruin homes, cause health problems, and is generally tricky to get rid of.

But by taking the proper steps to mold-proof your home and clean areas infected with mold, you’ll put yourself in the best position possible.

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