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Mold Removal Orlando, FL

Restoration experts that offer 24/7 emergency time

A Company with quick service response time

Locally owned & operated restoration service in Orlando Area

Certified equipment built to clean & restore any damage effectively

Restoration experts that offer 24/7 emergency time

A Company with quick service response time

Locally owned & operated restoration service in orlando Area

Certified equipment built to clean & restore water damage effectively

Mold has many damaging effects both to your health and to your property. The poor indoor air quality and musty odor from mold can cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory system. It can even cause allergy or asthma attacks in those people that are more sensitive. Furniture, shelves, carpets, and ceilings all have the potential to become home to mold spores.

Mold is particularly common in Florida and other places that have high humidity or are prone to common occurrences of water damage. The humidity present in Orlando Fl, and throughout the entire state, is especially high from July to November. This is the time when mold growth is at its peak. This is why mold inspection should be done regularly to prevent it from colonizing on your residential or business property.

Before black mold damages your health or property, you need someone reliable who is experienced at both preventing and treating existing mold damage. Cleanup and mold damage restoration are what we do best! Call us today for any mold related services.

What Is Mold Remediation?

The terms mold removal and mold remediation are often used interchangeably. The terms are different but they usually refer to the same overarching goal: get rid of unhealthy mold levels.

Mold is a natural occurrence and plays an important role in the environment. While it is not welcome in a home or business environment, it is impossible to get rid of completely. The remediation process involves the cleaning and removal of as many of the mold spores as possible. The goal is to bring mold levels to a normal and healthy level. The cleanup and remediation of a significant mold outbreak is a complex process that must be done with care.


Quality Mold Remediation Services

If you are looking for mold remediation services in Orlando FL and the surrounding areas including Winter Park and Kissimmee, FL, you have found the best choice. We offer expert mold inspection, cleanup and restoration services in your local area. We carefully implement each phase with professional care to help protect your property and your family.

We aim to provide affordable rates that bring mold related services into reach for any budget. Fortunately, most of the insurance policies in Orlando/FL cover mold related services, and you shall be reimbursed in full by your property insurance company. Our team of specialists will guide and assist you through the insurance claim process. As a leading mold remediation company in the area, we are on a mission to help protect Orlando and the surrounding areas from the harmful effects of black mold.

Quality Mold Remediation Services in Orlando, FL

The Mold Remediation Process

The fundamental mold remediation process covers multiple steps: containment, mold removal, and the proper cleaning of the affected area. These are the steps to be followed by a professional mold remediation company to cut off the widespread damaging mold growth in your home or business. Let’s take a look at what each step looks like after the mold remediation team has suited up to get to work on your property.

Contain the Spread

Containing the spread of mold in your residence or commercial building starts with engineering controls. The first step is building a frame and isolating the affected areas with plastic. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) machines are utilized to create a negative pressure environment. This ensures that all mold affected areas and items are completely separated from unaffected items containing the spread of mold.

Remove Mold

Mold removal requires extreme caution to prevent the spread through airborne mold spores. This process involves spraying specialized mold-killing solutions on the existing colonies of black mold. This process involves HEPA vacuuming the existing spores of mold and creating sources containment if needed. A controlled demolition takes place removing all affected materials, and a thorough mold inspection to ensure that all existing mold outbreaks are properly treated.

Area Cleaning

The final step of the remediation process is the thorough cleaning and drying of the entire area to avoid mold growths from returning. Our professionals will deep clean and scrub the area using high-grade commercial cleaning equipment. All of the equipment include High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. This is important, and mandatory according to the IICRC S520 Mold Remediation Standard, to ensure the affected areas are back to a safe indoor environment with limited levels of mold.

About Our Team

The mold remediation process is incomplete if it is not done by a mold remediation expert with the proper knowledge and equipment. The CEO Restoration company is your personal army against harmful mold growth. Our certified and licensed professional team is dedicated to providing our community and folks like you with the best mold restoration services in Orlando FL.

The restoration staff from our company are trained, experienced, and consistently provide excellent customer service for our clients in Central Florida. We are the best choice for our local residents when it comes to clean-up and restoration services from.

We adhere to only the highest safety standards set by the department of health to ensure that we deliver outstanding mold removal services. That’s why the CEO Restoration team consistently receives 5-star ratings on both Google and Facebook.

If you need a trusted, reliable, and certified mold remediation expert for your residential or commercial property, we are always happy to serve you. Contact our team today so we can start eliminating toxic mold from your home or commercial property.

Mold Remediation Process
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Reviews From Our Customers

We have helped 100+ of clients to get rid of harmful mold through our mold testing, restoration and remediation services. Our clients consistently thank our amazing technicians for the quality and cost-effective service that we provide. Here are some great reviews from our satisfied clients that leave us motivated to continue removing mold damage in every home in Orlando, Florida:

Sarah V.
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"I was able to contact CEO with their 24/7 emergency service and they quickly provided a free quote and completed the water restoration service. Highly recommend if you're facing flooding problems!"
Tom A.
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"I live in Orlando and needed a company that would quickly help with water damage to my home after the last hurricane. I will say their team was surprisingly pleasant and professional."
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“Highly recommend this local company! My business faced significant flood damage from a hurricane. Their response time was phenomenal. They quickly removed the water, assessed the damage and helped to make the insurance process smooth."

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Mold removal and remediation is a crucial task for every commercial or residential property in the high humidity area of Orlando, Florida. Mold removal is our passion and personal mission. We are happy to serve each of our clients who call us for mold remediation.

CEO is your best solution for mold removal Orlando as we always come prepared to both meet and exceed your expectations for inspection, restoration and removal. We will help to protect your property and get rid of the toxic molds that can make your family or employees sick.

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