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Orlando Biohazard Remediation

Restoration experts that offer 24/7 emergency time

A Company with quick service response time

Locally owned & operated restoration service in Orlando Area

Certified equipment built to clean & restore any damage effectively

Restoration experts that offer 24/7 emergency time

A Company with quick service response time

Locally owned & operated restoration service in orlando Area

Certified equipment built to clean & restore water damage effectively

Orlando Biohazard Remediation

The first step in the cleanup process is to contain the area and remove the contaminant. When accidents like unattended death or hoarding occur, you also get rid of all traces of potential hazardous things, broken glass, or any other foreign material in the affected area.

Companies must follow strict guidelines as determined by OSHA Regulation 29CFR1910.1030. CEO Restoration is properly licensed by the State of Florida to provide biohazard remediation services. In addition to the standard General Liability Insurance, we also carry Pollution Insurance, which is hard to acquire and more expensive. Most biohazard remediation companies do not carry this type of insurance, but we feel it is essential to safeguard you and your property. Orlando biological material like blood can spread life-threatening diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, while chemicals like tear gas will make you sick. Protecting the community from these threats is our responsibility. We don’t stop until a scene is safe, even if that means the removal of building materials, sections of carpet, flooring, or other things.

CEO Restoration takes responsibility to disinfect, sanitize and remediate your home, business or vehicle very seriously, and we communicate how and why we’re doing so throughout the whole process. We can also assist you with your insurance claim process. Call us at (407) 584-7779 for 24/7 emergency service.

What is biohazard?

The term biohazard refers to any biological materials (microorganisms, plants, animals, or their byproducts) that pose a threat to the health of living organisms. This can include medical waste or samples of a microorganismvirus or toxin (from a biological source) that can affect human health. It can also include substances harmful to other animals. It is imperative that you contact an Orlando biohazard cleanup company like CEO Restoration to properly dispose of these potentially harmful materials.

There are many situations that are considered to be an Orlando biological hazard.  If you’re facing a cleanup you can’t handle on your own, you’re probably right in

the middle of one of them. Crime scene, blood, death, trauma, hoarding  — no amount of soap in the world will help you clean these contaminants. Biohazards must be removed, cleaned, decontaminated, transported, and properly disposed of to ensure the health and safety of all in the building. 

Biohazard Cleanup Professionals in Orlando, FL

How May We Help You?

Quality Biohazard Remediation Services in Orlando, FL

At CEO we’re experts in the cleanup of biohazards in Orlando of all kinds...

…from the accidental to the improbable. Whether an occurrence has happened in your home, at your business or in your car, we’re here to help you make your environment harmless again. Protecting yourself and others from exposure to biohazards and bloodborne pathogens should be your number one priority. When blood does not get cleaned properly the biomaterial begins to decompose, a strong odor originates and flies are attracted to the scene. They may spread the pollutants to other areas that must also be found and cleaned. CEO will inspect the property and identify all areas that have been exposed to biohazards, remove, decontaminate, and clean up everything to mitigate the health risk.