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Fire Damage: what can be salvaged?

Each year millions of people around the world go through the loss of something or someone by fire damage. Fire prevention is not to be taken lightly and property owners should take this very seriously. Even if a fire occurs, there is always a way to recover and rebuild.

What to throw away after a house fire damage

What should you throw away after a fire?

After a fire there will be very serious damage. Not only does the fire harm your belongings but smoke, soot, and water damage will be there as well. You may find things that are not only burned but sogged in water or covered in black soot and smoke. Every fire is different so deciding what to keep is ultimately up to you. Some things to keep in mind is fire soot and smoke contain toxins that can irritate the skin on contact. Any type of clothing and textiles can be cleaned if not burned but it is not advised to keep them. Another note is no matter how many times you wash them they will always have an off smell, overall it is best to start fresh for your safety.

Certain medicine can stop being effective when in contact with high heat, water, smoke, heat, and the other chemicals that firefighters use to extinguish the fire. The effects of the medicine could be altered so please do not take the risk. It is always going to be safer to just report that you need new medicine.

Majority of Americans have a food storage of some sort, whether it is cans, jars, or frozen food. The water and chemicals used to put out the fire can contaminate the food as well at high heat. Even though we heat our food to eat it, extremely high heat can activate bacteria and be a risk to our health.

When a fire disaster occurs it is really hard to salvage anything but focusing on your family and their health is most important. Separating with your items would be the best option for you and the health of others.


How do I get the smoke smell out of my home?

The smell after a fire will linger around as most of your belongings will absorb it. A side from removing the items affected it is smart to hire a fire restoration company. Fire restoration technicians are licensed and certified to eliminate the damage that the fire caused. It is not just items that need to be removed, the property will need to be aired out, carpet replaced or cleaned, repainted, etc. A lot goes into getting the smell removed and having a company you can trust will ease the process.


Fire damage restoration process

Fire restoration can be considered an emergency due to the risk it has on your health. CEO Restoration is open 24/7 to answer your calls and can be there for you within two hours.

Rebuilding your home after a fire can be a long process. Home insurance is a blessing for this. Home insurance can potentially pay for everything and get your house back to normal. Once the fire is out, call your insurance, and then call a company you can trust to get started. CEO Restoration offers a free inspection to assess the damage to then provide a plan of action that best fits your situation.

Every situation is different but we know how to adapt and overcome to make sure this is the smoothest process for you and your family. Steps are taken to prevent further damage, removing all damaged materials, resolve all the water damage, getting the property to the dry standard, removing all the smoke and soot damage from all surfaces, cleaning and sanitizing, and then the reconstruction to get your property back to the normal you are used to.

Fire damage in a kitchen

How to prevent fire damage?

No one deserves to go through the stress of a fire, taking the correct precautions can save the people and things that you love. We have an article with prevention tips for fire damage.

  • Always check your fire alarms regularly, look for the button on your alarms to make sure the sound is good and always check for low battery signals.
  • Keep your stove and oven clean. Food particles that are dropped can be forgotten and combust into a fire. This also goes hand in hand with not leaving your kitchen unattended with foods cooking on the stove and if something is in the oven remember to go back and check on it frequently.


  • Clean the lint out of the lint filter in your dryer. This is so important and such an easy step to do to prevent a fire.


  • Do not use cords that are frayed or chewed. Open wires can ignite when in contact with other materials.


  • Be careful where you leave your candles. Make sure there is nothing above them that can ignite and that you do not leave the house unattended while they are burning.


  • Every home should have a fire extinguisher. They can be a big help with kitchen fires and other smaller fires.

These are just some ways to help you prevent fires, Always keep in mind that fires spread quickly so remembering small things could save you in the long run.


How much does it cost to rebuild a burned house after a fire damage?

Rebuilding a home back to pre-loss condition can be very expensive and time consuming. Since every situation is different, it is hard to put an exact price tag. Make sure to check your home insurance coverage to see how much help they provide. If you do not have home insurance we strongly recommend purchasing some before the worst happens. It can happen to anyone at anytime.


House or property fires are a scary thing. Not knowing what you need to do afterwards can also be just as scary. As we hope no one has to experience fire damage we are here to help if you do. We can guide you every step of the way with our 24/7 availability and free evaluations. Also we encourage you to thank your firefighters, without them you might have had a worse situation.

Call us at (407) 584-7779 for all your restoration needs, we are here to help.

Post Author: Sheryl Martinez