What to Expect When You Need Water Damage Restoration

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Water, water everywhere. You had a feeling that you had leaky pipes because your water bill was going up but you just could not tell where it was coming from. Most of the piping is behind walls but now you have come home from work and your worst fear has come true. You have burst pipes and you know there will be water damage everywhere.

Now, you must call a plumber and water damage restoration company immediately before there is further damage done to your property.

Water Damage Restoration

Causes of Water Damage for Residential and Commercial Properties

There are a lot of reasons why water damage can occur. It could be flooding caused by hurricanes, extensive rain, or storm damage to your home that causes water to seep in. The cost of restoration will be dependent on many factors unique to your location and level of damage.

Water damage restoration services are in high demand depending on the time of the year. Due to the large number of storms in the area, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas commonly face the need for water restoration.


Effects of Water Damage for Residential and Commercial Clients

The longer you wait, the more mold and mildew can grow. If you do not contact a water damage restoration team for emergency services, you can face lasting effects. If clean up and damage restoration is not handled promptly, it could turn into black mold. This is not healthy and will affect your breathing. Once breathing and lung functionality are reduced, it affects and weakens the rest of your body. Keep your family or employees safe by cleaning up the damage.

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Water Damage Restoration Services and Prices

Insurance companies in Orlando, FL suggest preparing ahead by adding the minimal cost for water damage coverages to your home policy. When you have need of water restoration services, insurance coverage will help to minimize the surprise out of pocket costs.

Water restoration pricing will be dependent on the area or size of the property that is affected. Cleaning up water damage such as internal leaking of appliance is less costly. Yet, that price will increase as you face external water or sewage water damage. Here are some common cleanup services related to water damage.

Water Extraction and Structural Drying

The water damage restoration process begins with the removal of all liquids before any repairs can be assessed or begun. Once the standing water is removed, the evaluation and quote can be provided to your insurance company for approval. There are many levels of water damage restoration. It also depends on the type of water that has affected your residential or commercial property.

  • Small excess water incidents: Overflow of sinks, tubs or washing machine. This water may have seeped into the walls or floors and caused mold growth.
  • Leaking Roof: Affects wherever the water has come into the home – walls, floors, between the roof and ceiling
  • Sewage Backup: Sewage cleanup will be very timely and costly because this is deemed unsanitary water.
  • Flood Damage: Water will flow to the lowest layers but balances itself out. It will cause damage from the floors up. If you have hardwood floors or carpeted areas, they will more than likely have to be removed to ensure that you do not have mold problems later.


Mold Remediation Needed Due To Water Damage

If water is allowed to sit too long, high levels of mold can grow in the area. The purpose of mold remediation is to bring back mold to normal or healthy levels. The steps involved in mold remediation include:

  • Evaluation of property damage: Use of sensors to locate the affected areas.
  • Water Extraction: Remove any remaining water from the affected area.
  • Drying Process: Drying out the area with professional equipment and water heaters
  • Mold Removalwater damage restoration


Your Local Vendor for Water Damage Restoration

If you have experienced water damage of any quantity, you need the help of a professional restoration company immediately. When you contact our local team, we guarantee that you will be taken care of in every way. We are your local Orlando Water Restoration Experts for both commercial and residential customers. Call our knowledgable team today to get your property back in shape.

  • Available for 24 / 7 emergency service.
  • Provide a free estimate of your affected areas.
  • Quick quick response and you will feel confident from the first call, email or chat.
  • Certified technicians for residential and commercial properties for Orlando Residents

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