Why Mold Damage Restoration is Important for Health

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The family all seems a little more sluggish than normal. Even though you are too busy to examine further, you sense there is a deeper issue. It seems that you breathe a little easier when you are away from home or outside. There was extensive rain months ago, but you walked through your home a few weeks after and did not see any visible mold damage.

You looked up a mold remediation company shortly after the significant rain, but it was outside of your budget at the time. Now you are second guessing your decision for a mold remediation company to inspect and perform mold damage restoration.

Health Problems Caused By Mold

Here are some of the health issues that you and your family or employees can face from the presence of high levels of mold on your property.

Ingesting Mold and Mold spores

Mold getting into your body will affect your immune system functions. The mold most often enters the body by breathing it in. It can also be on your hands and enter your body when you eat or drink. Another possible entry point is through contaminated water sources inside or outside your home or business.

Symptoms When Affected by Mold

If you suspect mold damage, pay attention to any serious health symptoms that seem to be from no known cause. Common respiratory symptoms include: allergic reactions, sneezing, coughing, irritated throat, breathing issues, chest tightness, wheezing, lung irritation. Mold can also cause unexplained headaches or skin rashes. Pay attention if visitors ask about a musty odor.

Purify Your Body from Mold and Other Toxins

These steps will help to purify your body of the presence of mold.

  • Drink plenty of water lush out your system
  • Get tested to see if you have excess mold in your body
  • Use an air purifier and dehumidifier in as many rooms as possible
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Increase your activity level
  • Remove as much stress as possible
  • Getting sunshine so you can achieve natural levels of melatonin in your body
  • Monitor members of your family to ensure there are no serious health symptoms that arise

Mold Growth and Identification

The color of mold does not indicate the level of toxicity. Most people think of mold as black or dark in color but it could also be purple, red, pink, white, or a combination of these. When you find colors that are not normal for a specific wall, surface or even on clothing, investigate if it is mold. You may have a hidden mold infestation that is causing underlying health problems.

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Do You Need a Professional Team to Clean Mold Damage?

Mold removal is not an easy task. If there is a mold problem, then you will want to employ professional mold remediation services. The mold cleanup team will evaluate, clean and ensure that any and all water damage is first taken care of. A professional team that has IICRC certified technicians will make sure to clean and not leave any remaining traces of dangerous mold levels. A final indoor air quality test will be done to ensure that the mold in your home is eradicated.

How to Resist Future Mold Growth

To prevent future problems from mold, ensure that air flow is sufficient for the area. Make use of a heater or dryer that will keep humidity levels lower than 50%. Don’t forget to regularly inspect the affected areas for any new mold spores.

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Mold Remediation Companies

Mold remediation professionals have the knowledge and equipment to handle larger mold outbreaks in your home. Here is what you can expect when you hire a professional team to fix your mold problem.

Professional Mold Removal

Find a mold remediation company that provides 24/7 mold inspection emergency services. Ensure that your insurance company knows what has taken place immediately. Once provided with mold removal services, then they should also offer a post remediation mold clearance sign off.

A professional team will always use personal protective equipment to ensure they are not affected while providing mold removal services. They will thoroughly evaluate the area for mold as well as any standing or excess water in the affected space. They will assess the level of water damage, mold growth and possibility of any further damage.

The restoration technician will complete the damage restoration as agreed upon by the property owners. Once the restoration services are completed, they will check back in on your property for any lingering effects.

Your Local Orlando Mold Solution

Contact CEO Restoration for a free quote for professional mold damage restoration. We will ensure that all your needs are covered. Our remediation team will remove and prevent mold from further affecting your home and health.

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