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Keys to a quick recovery


Fast response time

The longer water sits in a structure, the greater the chances for mold to develop because the water will penetrate deeper into the structure.



Quick and comprehensive removal of water from the structure in order to speed they drying process.

drying equipament

Drying equipment

Advanced industrial drying equipment and moisture detection devices in order to find and extract the maximum amount of moisture.


Professional technicians

Properly trained, licensed and accomplished service technicians will help insure that your home or business will be dried and restored.

What Our Clients Say

Jedediah Main

Jedediah Main

These guys were great after I discovered a leak under my slab that was seeping into a bedroom. Super fast service, and they handled everything with my insurance company. Left my bedroom looking better than before the leak. Highly recommended.

Andrew Beachum

Andrew Beachum

Rod, and all of those that work at CEO Restoration, are some of the most professional and caring people I have ever met. Their knowledge and attention to detail exceed what one would expect in their line of work and I would recommend them to anyone I now that needs there service.

Lorraine Marcano

Lorraine Marcano

Great company, won't rip you off by over charging. Would recommend to anyone who has a major water leak or mold issue.

Jessica Sarra

Jessica Serra

CEO was wonderful to work with from the start! We had a roof leak in our guest bedroom so we called them to do an inspection for mold and to remove the water/repair the damage. They took the time to answer all of our questions throughout the entire process and their whole team was super friendly and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend them and use their services again if needed!

Winter Garden Water Damage van

About Us

About Us

CEO Restoration is dedicated to serving local Winter Garden and Orlando residents and businesses with damage restoration services.

Our restoration company strives to be #1 in restoring the home and business health of properties damaged by water, fire, mold, and outside elements, thus, being an asset to our community. By providing customers with water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation in the Orlando area, our company is fulfilling the needs of residents/businesses within our immediate community.

Water Damage Restoration (F.A.Q)

We use powerful water removal pumps and vacuums to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property, which helps prevent long term water damage and mold growth.

CEO Restoration offers 24/7 water damage restoration services in Orlando Area. Please contact CEO Restoration today to discuss the water damage to your home, property, or business to give you the best time estimate to clean up water damage and dry.

When there is water exposure and moisture like a leak or flooding, mold will start to grow and spread. This type of water damage can even be harmful to your health and is recommended to be treated right away. CEO Restoration will treat the mold at the source and perform any water damage restoration services needed.

All water damage restoration costs vary depending on the situation. Contact CEO Restoration today to have a technician do a no cost evaluation and learn more about pricing. If you have insurance, you will never pay more than your deductible.

Please contact CEO Restoration today to learn more about our pricing for water damage restoration in San Diego.

Often times you will have to replace water damaged dry wall. Please contact CEO Restoration today for 24/7 response times to help assess the water damage and provide expert water damage restoration or repair services.

When immediate action is taken the dangers of water damage are decreased, but when left untreated water damage can cause a number of issues including posing risk to your health and causing potential damage to your property.

After performing our no cost evaluation, our trained technicians will explain the necessary steps with you about how to move forward with water damage restoration.
Some cases may need full work done involving demolition, drying and repairs/ restoration, while others need minimal work.

Water stains are of dark yellow color and in a halo shape. This kind of damage is often linked to a roof leak and you can call out a specialist such as SuperDry to look at the damage for you and fix up the roof. Another reason, but not as likely, is a hot water geyser leak. This is only possible if a geyser is located above the water damaged location. A specialist will be able to look into this for you in order to fix it, however in some cases, the geyser may need to be replaced.

The bubbling of paint is linked to the paint losing the ability to adhere to the surfaces behind it. The bubbles are either water or air-filled. This may be caused due to different reasons.

The surface was dirty prior to painting.
The best way to resolve this issue is by scraping the paint off, patching the area, then properly cleaning the surface prior to painting the surface. Allow the surface to completely dry before priming and painting.

Not applying primer prior to painting can lead to bubbles.
If bubbles appear, use the scraping-and-patching method, clean the surface, wait to dry, then apply a stain-blocking primer.

The area painted on or the surrounding areas were too hot.
When there are heat-generating appliances or bright direct sunlight during painting or shortly after, bubbling may appear. To solve this, scrape away the bubbles, clean the surface, let dry, then prime the surface. Paint the surface again when the temperature reaches between 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The area painted on or the surrounding areas were moist.
Whether moisture on walls is linked to high humidity or leaks, inspecting the root of the problem is crucial to remedy the issue and prevent further damage to the surfaces. Hiring a team of professionals such as SuperDry to look into the issue can help determine the next step.

When the paint is peeling from surfaces, it could mean there is water damage present. It’s a good idea to check for plumbing issues or a leaky roof. Hiring a team of professionals like SuperDry will allow us to determine the source of the issue. Once the root of the problem has been addressed, prep the surface using a putty knife, sand the area to smooth out surrounding areas, prime the area, then repaint the patches.

In the event of water leaking out of the light fixture, taking the proper precautions is extremely important as it could be an incredibly dangerous situation.

Firstly, alarm everyone in the house of the severity of the incident and ensure everyone stays away from all electrical sources. Remove any individual from the affected room and close off access to it. Next, turn off the water and electricity in the room by going to the main water valve and the fuse box. This will minimize the chance of an electrical fire.

It is then crucial to call licensed professionals; you will need a restoration company such as CEO Restoration and an electrician. Once the house is cleared, the source of the issue has been identified and the restorations have been completed, you are safe to return back to the space.

Even the best water heaters will leak at some point. This may mean a fixing of the damaged area or depending on the severity, a total replacement of the water heater may be necessary.

The first step is to determine where the leak is coming from. This may be directly from the water heater, or it could be from surrounding walls and surfaces that trickle down to the water heater. If it is found the leak is directly from the water heater, turning off the water supply will help from the leak continuing, and turning off the power supply (whether from the fuse box or the gas supply depending on what heats the water) will help diminish any safety hazards.

Next, check for the reason for the leak. If unsure, call upon a professional to assess the situation for you. The last crucial step is to ensure the leak does not cause any permanent damage to the surrounding areas. It may be of value to contact professionals such as CEO Restoration to ensure no permanent damage form.

If your water heater is failing, there may be a variety of reasons for this to occur. For one, there may be internal rust or sediment buildup, in addition to possible corrosive fumes damaging the tank. It is also possible that the water pressure is too high for the heater or the water heater is too small for its needs. Lastly, water heaters can damage with old age so simply replacing them may be the only solution.

Whatever reason led to your water heater failing, turn off the water supply to prevent leakage or any further damage from happening due to the leak. The next step if the water heater is leaking is to drain the tank to eliminate any remaining water from the tank. Next, call a plumber so that they can assess the situation and recommend the proper next steps. If the water heater caused a serious leak, you may need to call a restoration company such as CEO Restoration to damage control the situation and fix up any surfaces the water has seeped through.

An air conditioning system leaking is caused by only a couple of things. One possibility is the air filter being clogged up. A clogged air filter may be due to it being dirty causing the air to struggle to pass through causing the evaporator coils to become frozen. Another reason is for the drain pan, which houses the evaporator coils, to be cracked or to overflow. The last cause is a clogged condensate drain line backed up by debris, fungi, or algae. If you witness any of these, call upon a professional repair team to inspect the situation and recommend the proper care.

If the leaks have caused serious damage to nearby surfaces, call a team of experts such as CEO Restoration who can help restore the surrounding areas to prevent permanent water damage or mold growth.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration In Winter Garden, FL

Emergency Water Damage Restoration In Winter Garden, FL

When it happens, water damage can seem like a nightmare, turning your life upside down. Acting quickly can prevent rot, decay and mold growth throughout your home or business. Quick assessment and repair of water damage can save your property from irreparable damage and an increased cost of restoration.


Prevent permanent water damage to your property, belongings and finances and contact the water restoration experts at CEO Restoration.

Water Damage Restoration in Winter Garden