Returning Home After a Fire

burned house

Hundreds of thousands of families go through the devastation of a fire loss each year. Fires are unexpected and incinerate almost everything in their path. After a fire many homeowners feel lost and not sure how to approach putting their life back together; the shock can be traumatizing.

Besides the emotional impact on the homeowners, the financial burden can be just as heavy. Majority of homeowners possess homeowner’s insurance but even that can be a pain. Dealing with adjusters and deductibles can stress out anyone but it is necessary to regain the value of your lost possessions.

Smoke, soot, and ash damage are very harmful and cause widespread contamination, yet it is often overlooked. Understandable considering the amount of damage that fire does to the place we call home. Smoke, soot, and ash should be paid attention to because long term damage can occur. They can severely hurt everyone in the home as well as the structural support of your home.

Smoke, soot, and ash start to damage almost every part of your home as soon as the fire begins; they often spread much farther than the actual blaze. They can start to eat away every surface they cling to as well as posing a risk to you and your loved one’s health. Toxic residue caused by a fire can be almost as dangerous as the fire itself.

As we hope you and your family never have to go through a fire, if it does focus on what is important; you and your family are safe. Remember that possessions are just objects and you can rebuild for a better future. Even in the best circumstances, rebuilding from a fire is a lot of stress and a lot of work but stay strong. Work with your family to come up with a plan for a brighter tomorrow.

CEO Restoration is a certified fire damage professional company and we are here for you. We are open 24/7 and we have the latest state of the art equipment so when tragedy strikes, we will always answer your call. Each situation is different and here at CEO Restoration we know how to be efficient during all your tough times.

Call us at (407) 584-7779 for all your restoration needs, we are here to help.

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