Sewage Loss

sewage loss

Water loss is always an issue, but sewage loss is the worst of all water loss types. If you experience sewage loss, it is critical to seek the help of a professional water restoration company straight away. Otherwise, you risk the property’s infrastructure and even your health.


What is Sewage Loss?

Sewage loss, also known as black water damage, is the loss of sewage water from pipes. Sewage loss is categorized as category three water loss, which is the worst level of contamination. That is because it contains many harmful agents, such as organic chemicals, microbial pathogens, and toxic chemicals. The number of pollutants in the water makes it extremely hazardous to be near.


How does it Happen?

Sewage loss usually happens one of three ways:

· Backed-Up Sewers

· Broken Sewer Lines

· Toilet Overflow


When this happens, you can expect bacteria and mold to grow and rapid spreading. Below are just some of the risks involved.


Toxic Fumes

The fumes from sewage water can harm your respiratory system, causing a wide range of problems. It’s a serious health risk, especially if you get too close to the sewage loss and inhale too much of the vapors. You might get gastroenteritis. Some common symptoms of it include vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever.


Harmful Pathogens

The pathogens in the sewage water can cause serious illness. You must be aware of them so that you don’t get too close. Here are some illnesses you could pick up from black water:

· Tetanus

· Norovirus


· Hepatitis B and C


For your health’s sake, you must act immediately when you discover sewage loss.


Mold Growth

If you leave sewage water too long after sewage loss, you risk mold growth. That is a problem on its own. Much like black water, it can cause a range of respiratory issues. Plus, it can trigger allergies. If it spreads too far, it can be a challenge to remove.


Damage to the Infrastructure

Sewage loss severely damages buildings. The longer it is left, the worse it gets, and the more money you’ll need to spend on clean-up and reparations.


Rapid Spreading

Sewage loss isn’t likely to stay in one spot for too long. If you already have a sewage loss problem, it will likely spread and worsen. It will lead to more health risks and damage to the property/building. That’s why it is so important to seek professional help as soon as possible.


Seek Professional Water Restoration Services

You can’t clean it up by yourself. You can’t expect it to go away. Sewage loss is extremely dangerous, and you must reduce your and your home’s exposure by addressing the issue by seeking professional assistance.


By using a professional water restoration service, the clean-up will be much quicker, and you will recover as much of the property as possible. Plus, you will experience minimal health risks.


Do not expose yourself. If you suspect sewage loss, contact CEO Restoration today. Do not risk it.

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